TA Xpath Builder - Wave #1

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TA Xpath Builder - Wave #1

Avraham Eisenberg
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Tired of Sourcing The Same Sites Day In

  and Day Out?  

We Know You Are….Here is The Solution!

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

Tactical Arbitrage is, likely, the most powerful online arbitrage software to ever come to market.

It allows us to source, literally, hundreds of websites at any given time.  Finding profitable items to flip without having to leave our home, heck, without having to get out of our pajamas!

BUT...What If You Could Do More?

What if:

  •  You Could Source Any Site You Chose?
  •  You Didn't Have to Hire a Developer?
  •  You Didn't Need to Learn How to Build Xpaths?
  •  You Could Add New Sites to TA in Under 5 Minutes? 

Now, with The TA XPath Builder you can do more!

The TA XPath Builder allows you to simply and easily build XPaths for your Tactical Arbitrage account.

A few clicks of the mouse on the category page and product page will allow you to upload an Xpath to your account and start sourcing any site you choose in a matter of minutes!

Only 50 Copies Available in The First Wave!

When you purchase you will receive a PDF download.

This PDF will give you:

  • A link to download the extension

  • A google group to join so that you can get news, ask questions, and to enable the extension

  • A training video to ensure you can easily and quickly put this extension to use

Hurry and grab your copy today before the launch is closed!

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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